My six pet peeves

Inconsiderate people

It never seems to occur to them that they should consider people or things other than themselves. They don’t think it a big deal smoking near others, standing in the way of others who have to get off a bus or overtake them on the road, leaving food wastes in the sink even though they are sure the wastes cannot pass through the drain, let lights or other electrical devices on even though they don’t need so, or worse, never wanting to learn to be considerate……… I’m not implying that I can be considerate every time and on every occasion. But, at least, I want to be considerate and am ready to learn what I can do to be more considerate.

Animal welfare activists and vegetarians who carry things too far.

Unless humans award citizenships to animals and allow them to form states, elect their leaders and build armies to defend their interests against human encroachment, the animal welfare activists can rest assured that humans will remain on top of the food chain and will not treat animals as equals.

Vegetarians, in my view, should die a hungry death because of the absence of “right” food. The animals, fishes, birds, snails, and others that produce meat for humans to consume as foodstuffs are no less sacred and respectable life forms than rice, maize, barley, potato, apples, melons, wheat and other plants that form the “vegetarian” diet. It then follows that vegetarians will have nothing to eat. Maybe they can rightly eat stones and coals. For that matter, stones also have the right to remain to be stones and coals might be a fossilized life form.

People who are not Chinese may have difficulty understanding the following two peeves of mine:
Grown-ups who sponge off their old parents for jobs, spouses, and houses.

If their parents can well afford all these things, it’s quite OK they freeload off their parents. But, the problem is that lots of Chinese grown-ups take it for granted that their parents should give up everything they have for the offspring’s expensive, luxurious welfare. They do so as if their parents owe it to them.

People who say “China occupied Tibet in 1951”, “Taiwan should be independent of China” or things like that.

China’s ownership of Tibet dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Tibet was an administrative region of the Republic of China (1912-1949) that had been created out of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) which ruled Tibet as a province. Today, Tibet is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China.

As shown by both the Constitutions of the Republic of China under which the politics runs on Taiwan and that of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan is not a separate identity outside of China as defined by the two Constitutions. The very reason for the existence of the surviving ROC on the island, a leftover from a technically unfinished Chinese civil war, is that Beijing has elected NOT to dismantle it after it assumed starting from 1949 the exclusive role of exercising sovereignty over the whole of China including Taiwan. To read more about my views on Taiwan, please visit .

I wrote this entry in response to Here comes my six pet peeves in which solid copper “tagged” me to write my own peeves. I came up with four of them.

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