Photos of my wife and I back in the 1990s

Taken on a picnic in the 1990s
when my wife and I attended an elementary school
in Heilongjiang province, China.

This was the photo we had taken right before our graduation from the elementary school in 1990. As you can see, the clothes of my wife and I were the same as those in the photo of the picnic. My wife and I are seen in this photo squatting on both ends of the first row. The one in yellow and the one in gray (is it?). Posted by Picasa

5 thoughts on “Photos of my wife and I back in the 1990s”

  1. It’s very interesting that you and your wife have known each other since childhood. I think that’s really special.

    By the way, I got here from your post, “My English; seeking a language exchange partner,” which I discovered via Google.

  2. Can you see the photos on this page? I can’t! They are on Google’s Picasaweb and beyond the Great Fire Wall of China… Maybe I should move all the photos and pictures my blog posts link to to my own photo gallery at

    As for my wife I’ve known from childhood, to tell you the truth, I almost forogt she was my classmate. Our second beginning began more than five years ago.

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