I always seem to associate a song or several songs with a period of my life in which I listen to them a lot.

Time is racing ahead. I can’t stop it. Neither can anyone else. Nostalgia.

When I listen to songs such as Le Jour s’est Lev, one of the three incomprehensible French songs I got in exchange for three songs by Luo Dayou with a Frenchman, it never fails to reminds me of those days at Brightsun in Harbin, when I just began to learn of the Internet as a new guy at the company with the brand-new status of being an employee after years of being an English student.

Wei-ai-chi-kuang (Crazy About Love) by Liu Ruoying brings me back to those days when I was beginning to learn love, yet another brand-new topic to a freewheeling, awkward, and stupid boy.

And shengxia-de-guoshi (Fruits in Midsummer) by Mo Wenwei comes to me as a reflection of those lovely summer days in Harbin.

Now, new songs, which now I’m not aware of, will serve, when I listen to them again in the future, as nostalgic ones associated with my beginning days in Beijing. Even Delta ForceⅠwill come to me as my first ever computer game I have played for years, when mom is Beijing to see me and US and Britain are invading Iraq.

Time, you don’t stop continuing and we don’t stop aging and dying.

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