First thing in the morning for 1-year and 1-month-old Hantao

Hantao, my son, is now one year and one month old. The age of babies is measured by months and even days instead of years because every new month or day for a baby means plenty of difference. As for Hantao, he does amazing things almost every day. For example, for one week or two, the first thing in the morning for him has been to dispose of his spent diaper in a trash can. Yesterday, he not only threw it into the trash can, but also put it back on its feet after his forceful throwing toppled the can. This morning, it’s a little different. He seemed absent-minded, and got waylaid by an empty milk bottle. But he completed the mission nevertheless.

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    1. When he’s still younger, we can easily get things out of his hands by offering something interesting to him to “swap”. Now, this trick won’t work if the new thing is not interesting enough. He now seems to understand well what he wants!

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