CCTV tower fire and others

This year’s Spring Festival ended with a fatal building fire in Beijing.  This time, the fire show starred no any organization – it’s the China Central Television (CCTV). Like China Football Association (CFA), CCTV has become a main target of publicly felt resentment that should have been directed at the boss behind them. It’s very safe for the Chinese people to say anything bad about these two organizations without worrying about being taken revenge of by the authorities. The two are supposed to be authoritative – one is a self-confessed “mouthpiece” of the Party and the Government and the other an organization affiliated to the Government that runs China’s football industry.

CCTV is torn between two roles: it wants to be a Party and Government mouthpiece while wanting to be viewed as an unbiased and trusted source of information.

And the CFA-run soccer industry has produced a Chinese national men football team that has never scored a single win against their South Korean counterpart in formal matches for more than two decades since the 1978 Bangkok Asian Games. This should be impossible considering the probability law. However, it’s a hard fact and it can only mean the Chinese team is really, truly, and wholly incompetent. No excuses or pretexts allowed.

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