I placed an order for Harry Potter and Dan Brown (and got them)

Dan Brown


I placed an order for two box sets, one containing six Harry Potter books and the other four of Dan Brown’s novels. This order costs me 532 yuan (about USD 70). weeping.gif Why so sad? Because this means that I earn Chinese wages to pay for U.K. books: Too EXPENSIVE. Though the money will well match what I’ll get in return.

I’m the kind of people who like buying books more than reading them. More than that, I like owning books better than borrowing them from libraries. I look on books as part of my family, not as come-and-go guests.

I’m not sure I can get around to reading them, but I persuaded myself to buy them by telling me that I could always transfer them to my kid in the future. (Note: No kids yet.)


The books were delivered home. I love them!

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