WordPress upgrading

I finally upgraded my three blogs* to the latest WordPress software (2.7.X) that now supports one-click upgrading of core software files. To be fair, upgrading WordPress has always been easy enough, but now it’s even easier.

In the past, when I felt like upgrading my WP software, I had to download a new .zip file, unpacked it, and then uploaded them to my server to override old files before I ran the upgrade file.

It sounds a little complicated. But it’s marvelously easy and bug-free compared to Discuz!, a popular BBS and community software package in China. For Discuz!, upgrading to new version entails what version you’re going to upgrade from. This means that there is no way you can upgrade your Version 1 directly to Version 3 and Version 2 is a must go-between. For WP, just upload the latest files to replace old ones, run the upgrade file. After one or two minutes, all done. Just enjoy blogging with the latest software. After I ran into serious trouble trying to upgrade my Hongloumeng BBS, I’ve never tried to upgrade it and dread thinking about it. I love software applications designed for fools.

* My other two blogs are one in Chinese and one about Chinese literature (I even thought about trying my hand at creating some literary works there!).

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