Lost Amazon tribe? – Just a hoax!

Photo source: Reuters

Things like big-footed modern-day barbarians and this time “lost Amazon tribe” are around in media reports. I don’t believe they are true or completely true even though they might appear in “mainstream” media outlets or are re-run in other equally “authoritative” ones.

We have to develop a sense of humor and have our own judgment when being inundated by  information. I had no proof they were just cooked up. But, the picture didn’t look to me more real than Hollywood movies. Also, I don’t believe there are any areas where non-barbarian humans cannot reach on Earth, especially where there are trees in the Amazon and where there are more than 90-percent-naked tribesmen.

Here is what we now know about the photo now – it’s a hoax and it’s half-truth. The tribe has been known from 1910.


2 thoughts on “Lost Amazon tribe? – Just a hoax!”

  1. The reality is that they really have no way of telling what tribe it is or what language they speak. They just made a wild guess. Sort of like Christopher Columbus thinking that the Tainos were Indians from India. Anthropologists have been trying to contact many of these tribes in the Amazon for years. What they have discovered is that THESE PEOPLE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH US. The isolation is self imposed. For more on this subject, check out Amazon Tribes. Just my 2 cents.

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