Quake, shake

The quake is Sichuan is a disaster of enormous proportions. It hit an area where houses are built on mountainsides and are not designed to withstand strong earthquakes. There are building codes in force that would otherwise avoid murderous damage to buildings if enforced to the letter.

The scenes and stories of the rescuers, survivors, the bereaved, and victims now broadcast almost 24 hours a day on TV are encouraging, heartening, and heartrending.

A rescuer pulled tens of kids out of danger before he finally reached his daughter and found her dead already, who was one of those kids trapped and had called out to him for help. He didn’t try to save her first because if he did he had to stride over other kids before reaching her.

A young mother was found dead with her nipple sucked by her young baby. She formed a protective body posture to keep her baby safe.

A teacher who has lost her loved ones takes care of her students.

A woman wiped clean her husband’s hand, who died for the lives of four of his students.

Two elite police officers as advance team members tasked with finding a path leading to the epicenter were killed by falling rocks. (Later reports showed that this was not what happened. All the officers are sound and safe.)

My nerves are not strong enough to endure such scenes and stories without feeling completely shaken or being reduced to tears.

I can only pray for the survival of the people who suffer in the quake-hit areas and for the safety and health of the people who risk their own lives to save others.

God bless China.

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